Nitric Oxide Supplements – From Toxic Gas to Bodybuilding Supplement

The history of nitric oxide is pretty interesting. It was discovered in 1772 by a chemist named Joseph Priestly Tren Pills for sale. At that time, it was called “nitrous air” and was considered nothing more than a colorless and toxic gas.

Nobel Price namesake, Alfred Nobel, actually made his fortune by producing and selling nitroglycerin (dynamite). It wasn’t until near the end of his life that they discovered nitroglycerin was beneficial in treating heart conditions because it releases NO gas which dilates blood vessels in the heart, and reduces pain and pressure in the chest. He refused to take it Dianabol Steroids.

In the 1980’s it was discovered that nitric oxide was actually produced by the human body. In 1992 this gas was awarded the “molecule of the year” award by Science Magazine OTC Phentermine Alternatives. In 1998, the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded to two scientists who discovered that nitric oxide is a “signaling molecule” that is critical in cellular communication.

In 1985 the “little blue pill” aka Viagra was formulated by a team at Pfizer. The discovery happened after 13 years of work involving vascular contraction and nitric oxide Over the Counter Phentermine Weight Loss. This one discovery has done so much to change the lives of millions of men. It has helped many men with Erectile Dysfunction to lead normal, active sex lives again.