Steroids May Not Increase Effectiveness of Spinal Injections

With the memory of last year’s meningitis outbreak attributed to contaminated steroid injections still fresh in many back pain patients’ memories, a new study out of Johns Hopkins suggests that steroids may not be a necessary ingredient in pain-relieving injections Best place to Buy Sarms.

For years, steroids have been believed to relieve spinal pain because they act as powerful anti-inflammatories. Studies conducted into their effectiveness in relieving spinal pain have yielded mixed results, sometimes in the form of equal treatment effectiveness with placebo injections Liquid sarms for sale. What the new study shows is that the real active ingredient in injections may be the fluid itself, explaining why the “placebo” injections may have had the same results as those containing steroids.

Researchers analyzed 3,641 patients’ medical records to compare the effectiveness of different types of injections. Their focus was comparing the effects of injections into muscles around the spine with those of injections administered in the epidural space, which surrounds the spinal cord Rad 140 for sale. They concluded that epidural injections were more effective than intramuscular ones, but realized another finding: Injections without steroids, containing anesthetic or a simple saline solution, consistently performed as well as those containing steroids.