You Cannot Buy Steroids in China – But Testosterone Boosting With Supplements Is Everywhere

Why would you dianabol and trenbolone steroids want to inject steroid drugs and suffer all the attendant side effects when you can do what the Chinese do which is to make a herbal tea from certain plant extracts to naturally stimulate your testicles into higher production of the desired testosterone? Yes we must have testosterone to be the men we seek to be, but the synthetic versions of hormones the body-builders illegally inject and the same that the doctors may prescribe as a hormone replacement therapy all actually work to stop our own natural production of testosterone and the end result is those men have testicles which have shrunk in size due to lack of use, angry prostate glands made aggressive and cancerous with the massive flood of steroids and of course they are infertile.

On the other hand, the Chinese have for thousands of years used plant and tree-root extracts which they boil gently for about an hour into a tea which the drink each morning every day. This tea made from nature’s own remedies causes the male testicles to become more active – not less active as happens when injecting steroids – and the outcomes is similarly high testosterone levels and all the muscle-mass increases and body fat decreases that were the original intention.

The Chinese men buy steroids online are not known for being great lovers, but this has nothing to do with their testosterone levels. Indeed the greatest proportion of Chinese men are lean muscle and almost all have a “six-pack” of abs that any western man would be proud to have.